Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ecco: The Zero-Emission Mobile Habitat

 In the initial days, we used a vehicle just for traveling. But in the coming future, where we can't get time even to take a suite in a hotel we need a better alternative. Ecco, the conceptual mobile habitat of the future serves the purpose. It can be maneuvered not only as a vehicle but also as a temporary habitat. It is provided with a bathroom capsule, tiny kitchen, living room for 5 people with all necessary facilities such as water supply etc. Coming to looks, it appears to be an alien automobile which looks extravagant and futuristic. And the interested fact is, it is promised as a zero emission vehicle, which means it has no emission of its own and can be charged with a normal 240KW station as fuel. Alternatively, it is provided with dynamic solar panels for solar charging, in case of emergency. Sufficient space for 5 members is provided.  

Tech Specs:

  • Length: 4.62m
  • Width: 2.55m
  • Height: 1.97m
  • Weight: 1600kg
  • Envelop sealed aluminum skin.
  • Photovoltaic cellon roof with expansion membrane.
  • Aluminum chassis everywhere.
Power Supply:
  • Complete charging time: 8 hrs (240v)
  • Photovoltaic generation: 1.1kw
  • Electric Motors; 127hp
[Click on the images to enlarge]


  1. Photovoltaic cells
  2. Bathroom Pod
  3. Passenger area
  4. Water storage
  5. Drive train
  6. Membrane roof
  7. Drive mode door
  8. Photovoltaic cell on roof
  9. Membrane roof
  10. Sleeping loft
  11. Entry for living mode
  12. Kitchen with cooktop
  13. Living area with variable seating
  14. Entry stair
  15. Shower room
  16. Sink
  17. Fold-down extra bed
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